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The Cambrian Way
The Costal Way
The Wales Way

The Wales Way is a family of three national routes that lead visitors along the west coast, across North Wales, and through Wales’ mountainous heartland.  

The routes highlight unmissable attractions and uniquely Welsh experiences along the way: natural wonders, landmarks, towns, galleries and museums.

This is The Wales Way.

The Cambrian Way


The Cambrian Way is a complete north-south journey along the mountainous spine of Wales, running for 185 miles (300km) from coast to coast.

The Queen of Resorts, our capital city, a soldier-poet and countryside surfing make our list.

The Coastal Way


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Harbour towns, galleries, castles, watersports and dolphins all feature in our 10 highlights along The Coastal Way in Wales.

The North Wales Way


The North Wales Way follows the old trading route along our northern coast into Anglesey.

Castles, museums, saints and zip wires feature in our unmissable list of things to do along The North Wales Way.

The North Wales Way
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